Destinations: Hoshino Village’s Tea Culture Museum

Sipping from a tea bowl of matcha I had whisked with the powder I had ground from tencha leaves, I savored the view from Hoshino Village’s Tea Culture Museum. Curving rows of green tea snugly hugged steep green slopes below. Verdant rice stalks and golden florets shimmered in tiny plots near the tea fields. Above the tea and rice, bamboo stalks bowed with the breeze. Sparklin

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8 thoughts on “Destinations: Hoshino Village’s Tea Culture Museum

  1. I’ve been there last spring, enjoyed driving in and out tea plantations . Loved sipping a tea at Hoshino and also tasted a very good ice cream admiring the green of the new shoots on the trees. It’s such a quite and poetic location…

  2. I noticed on top of the lush green gate a plant that also grows here in the Midwest – poke weed. It is always relegated to the backside of my gardens for it can grow 6′ tall. In the fall, the fat
    dark purple “blueberry like” berries grow on fuchsia dangles. The birds particularly love them! So leave and feed them as winter closes in. Enjoyed the article. paula winchester

  3. I love tea and drink at least one large pot full daily. This article was extremely interesting. The scenery was really beautiful and made me want to see it in person.

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