Cynthia Gold

Culinary: Smoking Foods with Tea

Smoking is an ancient food preservation technique prized now more for the flavors imparted by the smoke during the cooking process then the actual preservation of the food. Tea sommelier and author Cynthia Gold shares new recipes for smoked pork loin, smoked quail, smoked salmon, even a smoked cocktail.

Tea Smoked Salmon

This lightly cured and smoked Salmon can be used as shown here for a first course, or with different accompaniments as a main course.

Matcha-Pineapple Margarita

In this seductive variation of a classic margarita, the tea powder adds an exotic flavor, rich color, and mysterious opacity to the cocktail. A pinch of dried red pepper flakes makes it more seductive. 

Tea Mixology

Tea is a flexible botanical that belongs behind the bar and can inspire a mixologist from many directions. The role of tea continuously evolved in Modern craft cocktails.

Marzi’s Summer Gimlet

This wonderful cocktail was created by Marzi Pecen for a Tea Cocktail event that she was leading. She noted that even non-gin drinkers enjoyed it!

A Summer Barbecue

As the weather warms and you fire up your grills, it is second nature to reach for an iced tea or Tea Sangria, but tea isn’t just great accompanying grilled food, it can play a role within that food as well.  Consider Matcha and White Bean Dip, or upgrading your S’mores!

Tea Ghee

Ghee is a style of clarified butter used in Indian cuisine. Milk proteins are browned during the process giving it a wonderful nuttiness. The addition of tea leaves during this step can add further depth to the flavors and perhaps this would then be Ghea?